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Team Kanban Pracitioner

1 day class

with David J Anderson

DUBLIN, Ireland

JUNE 20, 2016

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Agile Fluency & Organizational Maturity

I was requested by a client to provide a mapping of my organizational maturity model and patterns of Kanban maturity, to Jim Shore & Diana Larsen's Agile Fluency model which has been boosted by the...

Survivability – Kanban’s “Purple Cow”

Kanban’s agendas provide the compelling reasons to care. They provide a focus on why we are choosing to adopt it. Transparency of agendas and the focus they provide create alignment – everyone knows why we are doing it. With buy-in to one or more of the agendas, we have a shared motivation for adoption.

Organizational maturity & the J-Curve Effect

In this first post in the series, I look at the psychology and impact of traditional large scale managed change initiatives and how evolutionary change differs. We’ll see that organizational maturity and executive tolerance plays a big part in the success or lack thereof in traditional change management.

Patterns of Kanban Maturity

This is part 2 of current series on organizational maturity, evolutionary change, and Kanban. Catch up on Part 1: Organizational Maturity & the J-Curve Effect for more context. What follows is in no...

Kanban Patterns and Organizational Maturity

In part 3 I take all the kanban board and system designs from part 2 and map them to the organizational maturity assessment framework from part 1. The value of this is that a quick and effective method of assessing organizational maturity and a small pattern catalog of deepening maturity kanban board and system designs, provides Kanban Coaching Professionals with a consistent set of starting designs likely to be successful.

Driving Evolutionary Change with the Kanban Method

This is part 4 of my series looking at Kanban, organizational maturity and evolutionary change. This post looks at how you move up the maturity ladder and how you deepen your Kanban implementation in order to gain the benefits of higher levels. Like anything worth achieving, gaining higher levels of organizational maturity requires a little stress. The coaching skill is to know how much stress and of which type to produce effective results. Each time we invoke a little stress we invoke a small j-curve effect.

class started this morning. So far ahead of other management approaches. This is how you’ll manage for innovation successfully

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