Lean Kanban conferences and events are endorsed by Lean Kanban, Inc., a company devoted to building the Kanban market worldwide.

LeanKanban Conferences bring the community together to share learning and make lasting connections.  Our global conference series includes events organized by Lean Kanban, Inc. and events organized by our partners around the world. Lean Kanban conferences can expect support from Lean Kanban, Inc. including speakers, marketing material, social media marketing support, guidance regarding conference organization, and sponsor support.

Organizing or Sponsoring a LeanKanban conference

If you are involved with Kanban and you would like to 1) build your local Kanban community to be larger and stronger with your own company at the center, and 2) promote your own brand in front of the most active kanban practitioners in the world, contact Lean Kanban, Inc. to discuss becoming part of the LeanKanban Conference franchise.  There is no fee to participate