Which Kanban courses should you take?

It depends. What problem you are trying to solve? What is suitable for your organization? What is your experience with Kanban? Is there a status you want to achieve?

Lean Kanban University offers Kanban programs at all levels to address different situations.

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Agile Fluency & Organizational Maturity

I was requested by a client to provide a mapping of my organizational maturity model and patterns of Kanban maturity, to Jim Shore & Diana Larsen's Agile Fluency model which has been boosted by the support of Martin Fowler. The clients' request was based out of the...

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Organizational maturity & the J-Curve Effect

In this first post in the series, I look at the psychology and impact of traditional large scale managed change initiatives and how evolutionary change differs. We’ll see that organizational maturity and executive tolerance plays a big part in the success or lack thereof in traditional change management.

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Patterns of Kanban Maturity

This is part 2 of current series on organizational maturity, evolutionary change, and Kanban. Catch up on Part 1: Organizational Maturity & the J-Curve Effect for more context. What follows is in no way intended to be an exhaustive set of Kanban board designs. Also...

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Kanban Patterns and Organizational Maturity

In part 3 I take all the kanban board and system designs from part 2 and map them to the organizational maturity assessment framework from part 1. The value of this is that a quick and effective method of assessing organizational maturity and a small pattern catalog of deepening maturity kanban board and system designs, provides Kanban Coaching Professionals with a consistent set of starting designs likely to be successful.

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@lki_dja, as it turns out you were right by saying some of your course’s input can be applied immediately.

@swilluda and I are hooked. thx!

Karl Bredemeyer



Often individuals and organizations ask about pre-requisites for Lean Kanban University training classes. In fact, background matters less than intent and goals. Most of our Kanban classes review core content — but taking the courses in sequence is still recommended.

Even those who have some experience with Kanban or some previous non-LKU training will find that they have a lot to learn at all levels of understanding thanks to the broad range of knowledge shared in LKU classes.


@klausleopold Was an awesome 2 days…Kanban rocks 🙂

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